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Accuracy, Professional Breadth and Secrecy





Dans le cadre de mes fonctions, la rigueur et l’exactitude sont des valeurs indispensables pour pouvoir rendre avec précision les propos du document source et éviter les malentendus lors des procès et procédures administratives. 

Secret Professionnel

En tant que traducteur assermenté, je suis reconnue comme étant officier ministériel de justice et à ce titre, je suis tenue au secret professionnel tel qu’énoncé par la loi du 28 mars 2011 article 3. Ce secret s’applique aussi bien aux documents soumis pour devis que ceux effectivement traduits  et à toutes les données auxquels je peux avoir accès en tant qu’interprète.


L’exigence est aussi primordiale pour avoir le meilleur rendu. Il est important d’avoir tous les documents pour pouvoir faire une traduction exacte et que le devis initial soit pertinent. Les termes doivent être choisis avec soin, dans en français ou un anglais parfait, qu’il soit juridique ou littéraire. Cela demande du temps pour pouvoir faire les relectures nécessaires.


L’écoute et la communication permettent de mieux se comprendre, ce qui est nécessaire à une bonne traduction. Il faut pouvoir échanger sur les attentes, sur les choix de traduction et vous devez être libre de m’exprimer vos attentes.




As a translator and interpretor, the two paramount values to be able to deliver are accuracy and professional breadth so as to provide documents faithful to the original and avoid any misunderstanding during a trial or legal and administrative procedures.


A sworn translator is an auxiliary of justice and as such, I am legally bound by professional secrecy under article 3 of the Act of March 28th, 2011. The secrecy concerns all the data I may have access to as an interpreter, a translator or that you entrust to me to get a quote.


It is necessary to be demanding to provide the best results. I need to have all the documents to translate accurately and to give a relevant quote. The words must be chosen carefully to produce an authentic final text, whether it is a legal or literary one, in English or in French. Proofreading is essential and to do so one needs time, so rushing is counterproductive.



Listening and talking improves communication and mutual understanding and therefore, the translation. We need to share about expectations; about the translation options and you should feel free to express your expectations.

Linguistic Approach  & Legal Training





I am a target-centered translator, which means that the final result, in the target language comes first so as to have the most authentic document. That is why I will try to find out what a native speaker would really say to express the same idea, so as to convey the same feelings in both languages.




My linguistic academic training at La Sorbonne (undergraduate degree) and at La Sorbonne Nouvelle ( BA and MA) focused on traces of markers of mental operations.  I studied Henri ADAMCZEWSKI’s metaoperational theory, an utterer-centered approach to language. That is why I analyse texts in-depth to find out the traces of mental operations and render them in the target language. I then studied Jean-Rémi LAPAIRE and Wilfrid ROTGÉ’s psycho-grammatical approach to languages when I prepared the Agrégation. I have also attended specialised translation seminars at University of London, thanks to which I can chose from a variety of methods and theories to translate.


& EXpertise

Thanks to my studies (English literature and Agrégation) , I have been exposed to a wide range of literary styles, to identify them and analyse them so as to convey both the feelings and the style when it is possible.

My legal MA at Science Politique Toulouse has enabled me to acquire an accurate knowledge of legal wording. I have always been interested by the legal field as that field is actually very close to linguistics since each word has a very specific value and a slight change will convey a completely different meaning. I have attended, and still attend several seminars on legal proceedings and on legal translation organised by experts unions.


I improve my skills every year thanks to practice: translating plays, novels, poems and short stories, as well as by assisting clients in their legal tasks.

Quotes, Payments, Deadline & Delivery




Prices can be found on the website, and can be charged by words or by page.

For 5 pages and more, please, do contact me so I can give you a more personalised quote with an accurate word count.


long documents


frequenT need

For some situation you can benefit from a package: adoption files, sale or lease agreement and business hiring contract. Indeed, for sales or lease agreement, as well as for international businesses, submitting your template in advance is a great way to save money since you won’t have to pay the express service charge if you give me the documents before you need them. Then, each time you’ll need it, you will send me the personalised document and I will do the necessary changes for the price of a single page translation within the limit of 300 words to change.



If you accept the quote, you can sign it and send it to me with your deposit. Will then decide on the time when you need your documents.





I need to put the date, my seal, signature and translation number on both the final and original documents. It can be done on the day you come to take the documents or a week before if there are more than 6 pages. Though I proofread the documents carefully, some mistakes can escape my notice. In such a case, please do let me know so I correct the documents. For big files, I’ll send you an electronic version of the translation before printing it to be sure it meets your expectations.  

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