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Documents used for formal purposes, whether they are extracts from public register, commercial contracts, medical certificates, diplomas, official reports or any type of certificate,  need to be certified  by an official and enlisted sworn translator. I am duly registered at The Court of Appeal in Pau.


My knowledge of the penal Code enables me to offer translations that meet the requirements of international authorities and thus having your rights acknowledge.


Sworn translations benefit from a special insurance.


Member of UNETICA. I am specialised in adoption files.


Apostilles -> 15 euros

Standardised documents -> 35 euros 

American and Philippines’s certificates (those with lots of statistics, otherwise, standardised price)  Sworn translation page -> 70 euros / page (500 words)

Diplomas and degrees -> 40 euros

Tax slip -> 45 euros

Pay slip -> 55 euros

Bank records -> 40 euros

> Adoption file Package

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