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Interpreting makes communication simpler for all participants during business meetings or conferences.

Thanks to consecutive or liaison interpreting, everybody can understand and be understood and the meeting runs smoothly. Liaison interpreting follows the flow of conversation and translates between each sentence, while consecutive interpreting consists in taking notes of the main ideas and making a report at the end of each major part.

I offer you that service in court, for sworn translations or for your business or medical meetings. . I can also assist in conferences that need simultaneous interpreting provided the place is equipped with the necessary technological tools.


Individuals :

75 euros the hour

200 euros the half day (3 hours)

350 euros the whole day (6 hours)

Professionals :

150 euros the hour

400 euros the half day (3 hours)

700 euros the whole day (6 hours)

Each hour started is invoiced in full.

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